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For all you need to know about Cost Planning, Project Management and more. Independent Quantity Surveyors Ltd are the skilled professionals you need to get the job done. Below are a list of services that we offer to Builders, Architects and Engineers.

Terms explained

Construction Cost Tendering

Preparing a competitive lump sum price for project (inclusive of all materials, labour and sub-contractor prices).

Preliminary Cost Estimates

Preparation of a basic cost estimate presented in elemental form (site preparation, structure and finishes) using preliminary sketch plans (floor plan and elevations) and simple construction brief.

Cost Planning

Providing a financial plan for a project (inclusive of all design and consent fees, financial charges, construction costs) detailing the projected timing of expense outlays.

Financial Status Report

Evaluation of construction costs expended to date (generally monthly), preparation of bank certificates for funds (development or mortgage) if applicable. Assessment of current cost flow expenditure and expenditure to complete of the project.

Project Management

Weekly/monthly site visits involving liaising with architects and builders with regard to project costs, variations and potential cash flow.

Post Tender Administration

Following tender acceptance, administration of the contract on a monthly basis to assess monetary expenditure and certification of the contractor's claims, and provide a payment schedule in accordance with the Construction Contracts Act 2002.

Tender Bid Assessments

Compile reports on the received tender's submissions, collating and evaluate the tender tags, preparing cost analysis and provide recommendations on the suitability of acceptance of Tenderers.

Final Account Preparations & Analysis

Preparation of either a main contractors or sub-contractors final claim in relation to site/contract instructions issue, site reports and work done on site.Reviewing and analysis of either a main contractors or sub-contractors final claim in relation to site/contract instruction issues, site reports, work done on site and providing a recommendation for payment.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Providing a forecast of the predicted cash flow for the duration of the construction contract including retention payment releases and maintenance period provisions.

Scheduling of Materials

Compile a schedule (list) of all the materials (concrete/timber/linings) required for the completion of the building to enable competitive prices to be obtained.

Dispute Resolution Advice

As a qualified adjudicator, arbitrator, and a member of AMINZ, IQS can give advice for resolving construction disputes either:
  • Between parties on a informal basis.
  • Preparing documentation, providing advice and guidance for Disputes Tribunal hearings.
  • Providing guidance on Adjudication under the Construction Contracts Act.
  • Providing guidance on the Arbitration Act.

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